The definition of the word ‘craft’ is: “an activity involving skill in making things by hand“.   Well, that just about covers everything we crafters do doesn’t it?  I’m sure you’ll think of even more than I’ve listed below, but these are just a few of the activities you’ll be able to join me in either online, or at the studio.

Mixed Media

Mixed Media Tag

Create beautiful projects from tags to wall art using a variety of mediums: paint, collage, text, stamps and lots of layering –   if you can imagine it, you can create it  – anything goes!


Who doesn’t love a handmade card?  Whether it’s something simple or more intricate designs being painted, stencilled, embossed or die-cut a personalised handmade card speaks volumes to the recipient.


There are so many out there, from backgrounds through to whole scenes, and they can be used on practically anything!  Those in the image are from a range by Lavina Stamps (no affiliation).

Rock Painting

Three painted rocks

These are such fun to do! As kindness rocks to brighten someone’s day or a tactile prayer pebble bringing comfort to someone you know.


Decoupage plant pot

Where do I start with this?  You can decoupage a huge variety of things from plant pots (as pictured) to furniture and everything in between.  Whether you use special decoupage papers, wall paper, tissue paper or napkins, the results are always stunning.

Clay Works

Clay flowers from moulds

Air dry clay is one of my favourites.  It’s light, dries quickly and can be used on all sorts of things. Brighten up your photo frames, artwork, mirrors – let your imagination run away with you while you enjoy the time moulding all sorts of beautiful embellishments for your creations.