The Studio


Having waiting a long time to have somewhere of my own to run my workshops and work in, the dream finally came into being and the studio arrived during the summer of 2020. As you can imagine, I experienced very mixed feelings. On the one hand this ‘shed’ was an absolute blessing and I was so excited to be getting it ready to use myself, but even more excited about being able to welcome you! Well, as we all now know 2020 was the year that stopped the whole world in it’s tracks and so, it quickly became evident that welcoming anyone to the studio would not be possible for some time.  Gutted!

Still, ever the optimist I’ve been working on other things, but I thought you would like to see where – when you can – you will be getting creative with me when you join me for a classes or workshops.

I can’t wait for you to come along for real, but for now,  pictures speak far louder than words so please enjoy the photographs and short video below.

Entrance Hall

Entrance hall to studio

On entry you will find two hand sanitising stations available: one outside the main hall, the other by the cloakroom.


Studio kitchen area

Newly fitted kitchen area ready to provide refreshments.  This area will be restricted to staff/helpers.


Studio bathroom

Again, newly fitted with a lot of thought given to fixings to minimise touching  with sanitation spray and gel to hand.

Studio Room

Main room in studio

Since taking the photograph this room has had a few more bits added, though we are still waiting for the notice boards to be updated.  

But, as you can see, this is a large, airy room with enough space for you to be comfortable creating both small and large projects.  New images will be uploaded to the gallery soon.