A peak into my everyday

I’ve always loved making and creating things and given the chance would be doing it 24/7.  But as that’s not going to happen, when I’m not painting, crafting or teaching, the everyday revolves around being a mum of five, nanna of two and a wife (just the one 😉).  As the other half in my husband’s company I have to earn my keep so I take care of the business admin.  I’m a member of the PCC at my local church, and run a group on a Wednesday afternoon with my friend Penny called Friends of South Town, which we set up last year.

This group is open to everyone but we have a real heart for those left feeling (real or perceived) on the fringes of the community because of learning and/or other disabilities, feeling socially isolated or anxious of public spaces, or anyone who simply needs a warm, friendly welcome and a couple of hours of companionship.  It’s great fun and we love introducing people to new activities.

I enjoy learning so I’m always looking to improve my knowledge of products and techniques, which in turn I can then pass on to you through my workshops.  I have a real passion to share my skills and continue to take courses to keep on top of things.  A good day, no a GREAT day is when I’ve succeeded in encouraging someone through my teaching that they can do it too!

I learnt a lot about folk art when I trained with Folk It! going on to become one of their Brand Ambassadors.  Last year I enjoyed a two day course of traditional Canal Art with Terence at Stoke Bruerne Canal Museum learning Roses and Castles, painted with enamel paint.  The roses and castles design can often be seen on canal boats (which Terence and his wife live on) and canal ware such as coal scuttles and milk churns.  Recently (March 2020) I completed my training with Powertex to become a Certified Tutor in fabric sculpting – this is quite different to my other crafts and I can’t wait to put some workshop dates together for this.

You may be thinking the name ARC is a little odd for what I do so let me explain,  it stands for.  Just click on an image to enlarge it.




I look forward to having the opportunity to inspire and encourage the artist in you!