Colour Mixing Useful Info

Get to Know Your Colours!

One of the best ways to get to know your colours is to play with them! But first, the basics.

There are three Primary colours: Red – Blue – Yellow and they cannot be made from any other colour.

Then we have Secondary colours: these are created when you mix equal amounts of the primary colours to produce Purple (Red + Blue) – Green (Blue + Yellow) – Orange (Red + Yellow)

Lastly we have Tertiary colours and you get these by mixing a primary colour with a secondary colour in a ratio of approximately 2:1 – so Red-Orange, Blue-Green etc.

There are a whole range of colour wheels you can purchase if you prefer to, just Google Colour Wheel, but I think one of the best ways to start getting to grips with colour is start mixing your own so you get a real feel of how it works. Click on the link below to download a blank template (PDF format).

Next, take a look at the video below which combines mixing colour and practicing the comma stroke – which is used an awful lot in folk art and decorative painting – so a win-win as part of your painting journey!

Happy painting 🙂

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