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DIY Paint Palette #2

Wet Palettes

You may be wondering what a wet palette is, and why would you bother to use one? Well, if your choice of paint is acrylics then a wet palette will become your next best friend.

You will already know how quickly acrylic paints can start to dry out and form a skin. You will also no doubt have fallen foul of squirting a much larger amount onto your current than you had intended and, unless you have another project, or extra surfaces ready and waiting to use it up on, it will be wasted. We don’t want to waste our paints, they are not cheap!

The humble wet palette will keep your paints useable, save you money by reducing paint waste and, if you’ve mixed a specific colour for your project, it will save you time remixing too.

Above is just a sample of some you can purchase but honestly, why would you when you can make it for a fraction of the cost?! Check out this very quick ‘how to…’ below.

Keep painting! 🙂

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