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DIY Paint Palette #1

There are all sorts of things you can use as a paint palette, though some will serve you better than others depending on how much paint you are going to be using for your project.

Let’s start with a really simple DIY version. This is quick, cheap and great for when you’re only using small amounts of paint. Definitely a good one for the for the kids and I bet they would enjoy helping to put this one together with you.

All you need is:

Alternatives: you can use sellotape instead of blue tack and recycle a delivery or cereal box if you don’t have card to hand – I often use both of these options when I need cardboard for something like this.

  1. Wash the milk bottle tops – (6 is good but use as many or few as you need for your colours with extras for mixing)
  2. Put a small piece of blue tack on the back of each top.
  3. Position them on your card.
  4. Add paint, and voila! You have a quick, no cost paint palette.

The plastic tops are ideal as you can reuse over and over. The blue tack holds them in place but is also easy to remove for washing them out when you’ve finished. If the paint (acrylic) dries on the plastic top it will just peel off. If not, just soak them for a couple of minutes in water to loosen it and then wipe out.

I always keep a small stash of tops in my studio, they’re ideal for small amounts of paint, or when I need to use a paint medium (dry time extender for instance).

The white plastic one visible in the above image is available from most art and craft stores such as Hobbycraft, The Craft Works etc. and are usually reasonably priced.

Not that you need it, but here’s a quick video of putting this together with an area you can use to ‘blend’ your paints.

Wet Palettes, both bought and DIY are coming soon.

Happy painting! 🙂

Note: I am not affiliated to any stores or suppliers noted above. They are simply examples of where you might find any materials mentioned.

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