Art in the park 2021: What a way to Come Back

Image showing dates of art festival.

I was at Art in the Park 2021!It has been a long old road for us all hasn’t it?  But, finally, we’re allowed to meet together again.  We know we are not completely out of the woods yet, but it is still something to celebrate as we look forward to seeing each other and particularly distant families and friends.

Above I said I was at Art in the Park.  Well, technically  but I wasn’t because unfortunately I had been Track and Traced as a ‘close contact’. 

But that didn’t stop ARC being present thanks to my amazing bestie Jacqui and three of my Fab Five – Scott, Taiya and Kashia, manning the stand for me.

Image of stalls and people at Art in the Park 2021
Image of the ARC stand at Art in the Park

They did a fantastic job of setting up the stand display over the two days of the festival, on top of welcoming and chatting to all of our visitors.  I’m just sorry I couldn’t be there to meet you myself.

Even the rainy start to Sunday didn’t deter anyone from visiting and the weather gradually improved throughout the day so everyone could thoroughly enjoy themselves.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by and if you bought a piece of my artwork I can promise you, I did a ‘happy dance’ every single time 🙂

Visitors to Art in the Park

Coming soon! Folk Art & Powertex

Images below are examples only of what can be created.

Image of Folk Art Roses on a notebook

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