Get creative in 2021: get your paints out and Create Something new with me Each month this year

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So you might be wondering why the image of a butterfly, and particularly one with such bright vivid colours during a cold, wintery January? 

Well firstly,  I thought we could all do with something bright and beautiful to kick off the new year and I did find this image quite striking, don’t you agree?

Secondly, butterflies are often associated with transformation, renewal, HOPE and courage to embrace change.  I find myself drawn to these meanings.  I don’t normally make new year resolutions, but after the year we’ve all had and the changes in our lives we’ve already had to adapt to, I’m holding on to the HOPE that this year will see a more positive change for us all and bee able to embrace it with joy rather than anxiousness.  That we can begin to return to a more normal way of life and enjoy proper relationships with our families and friends again.   We have a real hope of that now that vaccines are being rolled out to everyone as quickly as the NHS and GPs can.  Thank God for them!

Butterflies have always been very significant to me personally too, it is after all what my name, Vanessa, means!

So, to kick start the new year I’d like to invite you to a short free tutorial on how to paint some Folky style butterflies, and I’ll also be showing you how pretty they can look stencilled and how awesome Powertex versions are.

The video will be available to view this Friday (15th), in the meantime you can follow me on Facebook and subscribe to my Newsletter for an invitation to join my new Facebook Group, ‘Tips, Tasters & Tutorials’.

Let 2021 be the year you learn a new skill,  laugh with new friends, and love every new memory you make!

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